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Most frequent questions and answers

I have a product I need tested but need to know if it can be done, who do I reach out to?

For any Chemistry related questions, feel free to send an email to Chemistry@microconsultinc.com. For Micro related questions, feel free to send an email to Micro@microconsultinc.com. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us on +1 (972) 250-2902 and your questions will be directed to the appropriate person to give you a prompt response. We will send you a quote upon request and inform you of the next steps for sample submission as a new customer.

Do I need to send a chain of custody for every sample?

Yes. For every sample sent to Chemistry, a single Chemistry Chain of Custody (with all the actives required for testing) is needed for each sample with the name and lot numbers matching the physical product.

For Microbiological testing, multiple products may be placed on a single Microbiology Chain of Custody.

Please note that samples requiring both Chemistry and Microbiology testing, will both require a Microbiology and Chemistry Chain of Custody (and separate samples for each department is preferred).

Where can I find a chain of custody?

Chains of custody (including for controlled substances), may be downloaded from our Forms page.

Please ensure that you’ve completed and filled in out a Client Account Form before attempting to make any payments. You can mail the Client Account Form with your samples and CoCs the first time you submit a sample.

What is the typical turnaround time for testing?

For Micro samples, plating is performed the day the samples are received. APC/Yeast and Mold results will be available 48hrs after submission. Enrichment results will be available 72hrs after submission. We start our USP 51 Challenge testing once a week and results are available 5-6 weeks from the start date.

Due to the nature of the Chemistry testing, turnaround times will vary. For test specific turnaround time, please call or email.

What is the Chemistry Rush Policy?

The Chemistry Rush Policy may be downloaded from our Forms page.

Please note that not all rush turn around times may be accommodated. Please remember to call or email prior to sending rush samples.

How will I get my results?

We post all of our results to a secure FTP site (which can be accessed from the Client Access page), which is available 24/7 for our customers to access posted results. For first time customers, once results are available, we will contact you to provide you with a username and password to allow you access to your results.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made by:

Check, ACH Transfer
Wire Transfer
Credit Card (through PayPal)

Note. There is NO link for payments on the website. For more information, feel free to call us on (972) 250-2902 or email mark@microconsultinc.com

I have a product I am selling through Amazon and I need my label tested, can you help?

Our CoAs meet Amazon requirements for product name, lot and company name. Please call with your label and testing needs so we can work with you and evaluate testing availability.

Do you test USP 61/62?

We can perform USP 61 when requested. We commonly perform a modified version of USP 61 & 62 that has been widely accepted by our customers.

Do you test to Prop 65?

We offer most testing that is required for Prop 65 compliance. Specific testing requirements and specification limits would need to be supplied to us. Please call for a quote for specific tests.