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We offer a full service laboratory for your convenience.

Microconsult, Inc. is a 17,000 sq ft.  scientific laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated to helping manufacturers meet their product quality standards.  Our analytical methods meet federal regulations, helping our customers meet the regulatory standards to confidently deliver quality products to market.  

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Our core objectives are: Customer Focus, High Quality, Guaranteed Competence and Trusted Integrity

We are:

We are dedicated to serving as an industry leader, distinguishing ourselves from other testing labs with quality policies which we pride ourselves on through our guiding ideology:

Our vision is to continuously invest in our infrastructure to provide exceptional services, advanced technology and equipment, and to meet emerging and evolving customer needs.

At Microconsult, Inc. we understand that whether developing a new product or delivering established products to market, our customers have distinctive needs and technical requirements which require reliable results.  To meet the needs of the most discerning manufacturers, we are equipped to be your preferred testing laboratory.

Our services include:

  • Expert Analysis and Testing
  • Method Development, Protocols, SOPs
  • Analytical and Stability Testing
    • Shelf Life
    • Active Ingredient Assays
    • Preservative Efficacy Testing
    • pH, Viscosity, Color, Odor & Weight Loss
    • Product Packaging Compatibility
    • Establishment of Expiry Dating
  • Simple to Complex Chemical Analysis
  • Microbiological Testing and Special Studies
  • Nutritional Testing

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